Pay attention to environmental protection, develop a sustainable environment, and persist in becoming a sustainable green enterprise.

Green management concept, take the initiative to take responsibility for environmental protection, and take precautions against environmental problems. Do not use harmful substances, and promote the development and popularization of environmental protection technologies. Comply with international environmental standards, develop and produce RoHS-compliant products. It has been verified by a third-party organization until now, which shows that our company's management effect on harmful substances has been recognized by customers.

Caring for the growth of the next generation, caring for young people wholeheartedly, protecting their rights and interests, and giving children a blue sky.

Concerned about the future of our nation, care for left-behind children, the protection of minors. Promote this spirit to the partners, and advocate the effective abolition of child labour. Create a good social environment for minors.

Safeguard human rights

Within the scope of its influence, the enterprise supports and respects the declaration of safeguarding human rights made to the international community, and does not protect human rights violations. Committed to fulfilling corporate social responsibility, safeguarding the basic human rights of all employees, treating and respecting all employees fairly, reasonably, kindly, and observing local labor laws to prevent human rights violations, and spreading this spirit to partners. Comply with local government labor laws and regulations, establish appropriate management methods and procedures, and publicize and promote them internally. Establish a fair, reasonable, safe and healthy working environment, eliminate discrimination and ensure equal employment opportunities, and put an end to discrimination in employment race, gender and occupation.

Employee care

Employees are the company's most valuable asset, so it is important to creat a good promotion space for employees, provide learning opportunities, and establish a comprehensive salary system and employee welfare system. Adhere to the people-oriented principle, establish a fair, reasonable, safe and healthy working environment, and adhere to the business philosophy of common development of the company and employees.
Guarantee the freedom to form trade unions effectively, the right to negotiate with groups, reasonable working hours, and eliminate any form of forced labor. Show respect for employees, protect their privacy and prevent harassment. Provide employees with complaint mechanisms and channels, and regularly review and evaluate related systems.
We respect equal employment opportunities in terms of gender identity, religion and political beliefs. The company has also cultivated a positive working environment to ensure that our employees are free from discrimination and harassment.
Pay attention to employees' physical and mental health and development opportunities, provide regular health check-ups, organize employees' study and training, hold festivals and birthday parties, and carry out recreational activities such as league building, so as to promote employees' communication with each other and improve their personal quality.

Good faith management

Adhering to the spirit of good faith management and law-abiding, all business and management behaviors of enterprises comply with laws, regulations and ethics.


Organize public welfare activities and donate materials to social organizations.