Company profile
The core competitiveness of TNE comes from professional leading technology and product innovation, advanced production equipment, strong marketing model and technical team. The production base has complete, advanced and automated equipment, and has gradually entered the stage of full automation, with an annual growth rate of more than 20% increasing year by year. In terms of product R&D strategy, SIP/DIP is gradually developing to SMD, and it also actively participates in the development of new products related to green energy industry. The products of TNE won the trust of customers, sold well in overseas markets such as Germany, Britain, Turkey, Russia, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, etc., and served a number of global top 500 technology enterprises. Through the integration of upstream and downstream resources, TNE has continuously expanded its product line and product application fields, ensured that its product technology innovation and R&D capabilities are in the leading position in the industry, and made every effort to provide customers with the most valuable diversified products and efficient services.
Business philosophy

"An enterprise that coexists with society, customers and employees"

Contribute to the development of society and the prosperity of mankind, devote ourselves to the improvement of quality, gain the trust of customers and pursue material and spiritual wealth for employees.

"Abide by discipline and law"

Abide by laws and regulations, compete fairly and trade to prevent conflicts of interest. Prevent leakage of confidential information and insider trading

"Sound working environment"

Safe working environment, caring for employees' health

"Relationship with society"

Satisfy customers contribute to society Protect environment care for society.