Corporate governance
Our team
Team refers to a system in which a small group of people with common goals and different abilities have better coordinated behaviors or forces. These people, like the five facial orgins of people, work together to maintain a person's survival, which is indispensable.
We are a professional team. Our members have many years of semiconductor professional technical background, and come from the front-line backbone of well-known semiconductor companies at home and abroad.
We are a young team. Full of vigor and innovative spirit, hard work, hard work and passion!
We are a dedicated team. We firmly believe that brand comes from the trust of customers. Only focus, concentration, professionalism and sincerity can make a good product.
We are a team with dreams.We come from all corners of the country because of a common dream: to be a truly excellent semiconductor enterprise and to provide customers with the most reliable products and services.
Internal training system